Teaching is my true love!  (Besides Nat!)



Favorite Teacher Websites:


www.proteacher.com (an educational search engine)



News Flash:

I recently resigned from teaching after five great years so I can teach my own babies at home!  I am so lucky to be able to be home with my baby but I will miss teaching big time!  I hope to go back to teaching in time and until then, I hope the things I have learned will help me be a better mom!  



These two pictures are just me with some of my cute kids at Eckert Intermediate School!  I taught 5th grade United States History to about 150 kiddos each year.  In the picture above, it's the last day of school so the walls are bare and they're signing T-shirts.  :)  


More fun kids.  The one in the middle with the blue thing on his head is being a "pioneer" for some project.    :)



This was my closet door, covered in love notes and pictures from my kids- my happy thoughts on bad days.  



One project I did every year at Eckert was to have the kids strike a pose that represented one of the amendments in the Bill of Rights.  We dramatically dropped the sheet that was held up in front of the performers as everybody yelled "Lights, camera, action!"  Then the class had to guess which amendment they represented while I played the part of photographer.  I always put all their pictures up in the classroom windows the next week.  They loved it and they never forgot their amendments.  :)  This one is the 1st- freedom of religion.  



The 1st amendment again - Rappers exercising their freedom of speech!



The 8th amendment - This poor girl is receiving "cruel and unusual punishment"! 



Two famous patriots, Benjamin Franklin and Mercy Otis Warren, are engaged in a debate with the loyalists on the other side of the room.  Behind them are their "Public Relations Consultants", in case they need a little help responding to a difficult comment or question.  Mr. Franklin made his own wig out of paper, it was fabulous. 

s own wig out of paper, it was fabulous.